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Thursday, 10 March 2016

How To Create Free Email Gmail and Yahoo Mail Account

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Create free email gmail account - Before I share how to list of gmail in google, perhaps some of my friend have not understood about what is email and what the function of that email.Briefly I explained that email (Electrick Mail) or in English in the call letters of electric facilities in the world of the internet is provided by google and has many functions, in accordance with the name of course in use for sending mail either in the form of image files/fhoto or be txt/text which of course these facilities have high speed so as to make it easy for people to send the files.

In addition to work for things that I described above, one function of google's flagship product one is as a means to apply in a variety of social media, such as signing up for facebook, instagram, twitter and others, besides, with gmail email we can also create a blog on blogger who is also a google product, even nowadays, too many large companies who receive employment cover letter via email , so in other words, the email may have already become a necessity for those who are in touch with the world of the internet.

That's a little understanding and a function of an email that may be useful for PAL, interested in creating email?, want to have email also?. This time I will share a tutorial how to create a gmail account, in complete with pictures for easy to understand, and in the PAL who's been impatient want to create a gmail account just check out how the new gmail list here

Create Free Email Gmail Account

To sign up for gmail, the first step is please click here and buddy will switch directly to the gmail signup page, it looks like the image below

The contents of all data requested in the registration email accounts gmail indonesia correctly such as your first and last name, email address, desired password, PAL and also the active mobile number (to receive your confirmation code), enter the secret code to make sure that PAL is not a robot, and check the section that I marked O and click next step, wait a minute and then the image will appear like below

On the registration of gmail google, please select the way that you want to use to receive the confirmation code, I recommend to use text messages, select the section and then click continue, wait a minute and then the display will appear as shown below

PAL will receive sms form verification code on the mobile phone number used above, enter the code in the column that I give the sign CODE HERE and click Continue, the list of gmail and gmail successfully PAL PAL ready in use.

It seems less complete it feels like if I just give you a tutorial on create a gmail email without explaining how to use gmail email, because surely not all people who register new emails directly understand on how to use email, so this time I will also give an explanation of the part part of the email and its functions, but I just take the points the importance only, then what is it? , just look at the pictures below

Here's an explanation of the figure above correspond to the numbers located on the arrow

Number 1 is the place to create a message where the PAL can send email on that section, and to send an email please read the tutorial in the article how to send gmail email my previous battery whore puis

Number 2 is where incoming messages terdetek messages, either as spam or junk or not

Number 3 is to mark incoming messages, select one or more messages then it will appear multiple options i.e. arrow number 4 5 6 &

Number 4 is the section to enter or save the message to the archive folder

Number 5 is the section to report incoming messages that are considered to be detrimental to the google

Number 6 or the last section is to delete incoming messages that are already selected or marked

That's the crucial part in some parts of the email must be PAL know if you already have an email, and the part that will be used often, so please understand it's true.

Create free yahoo mail account

Create free yahoo mail account - How to create a yahoo or yahoo email sign up this time I accidentally made as simple as possible to make it more easily understood and in a friend can also more easily create email yahoo, in contrast with the article how to create a gmail email my previous post, and if my friend want to make a gmail email please read how in the article how to create a gmail email.

How to yahoo email list is actually easier compared to create another email, but somehow the majority of email users prefer gmail email on appeal with yahoo, but a step in yahoo email list faster and practically, though how email list yahoo and gmail email list same same.

Destination people make yahoo email certainly vary, but one goal umunya people make yahoo email is probably as a means to register for facebook, though facebook to register could also be without email or list of facebook with mobile phone number, and for the PAL who wants to make facebook using yahoo email but do not have a yahoo email, just check out the article how to create a yahoo email he.
As initial steps how to create email yahoo please click and PAL will directly switch to yahoo mail registration page, it looks like the image below

In the column of this yahoo registration please fill in all the data neede

-First name (enter first name PAL)

-Last name (enter last name PAL)

-Yahoo user name (enter email address on yahoo that want)

-Password (enter password email yahoo on want)

-Mobile phone number (mobile phone number use PAL

-The date, month and year of birth

-Last tick one option between male and female

For a number of optional and relationships in recovery leave

After all the data is correct and enter your friend's email address at yahoo who wants is available, click Create account to writings that are located in the lower corner, and then will be in the switch to the next page, it looks like the image below

Congratulations buddy yahoo, registration is complete and successful, and now my friend can use the yahoo email for different purposes, such as signing up for facebook and other social media.

In addition to the ways how to list yahoo that I've described above where the way is done only if PAL using a computer or a laptop, list of yahoo indonesia could also be done by using hp or android, and if buddy is one of the users hp or android who wants to make yahoo indonesia could immediately see how at the article list of email on android.

That's the way yahoo email list indonesia PAL follow these steps in the create a yahoo email, may yahoo email how to create the above easy understand and thank you for visiting the blog

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