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Saturday, 12 March 2016

How To Create Free Facebook/FB Account

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How to create facebook account - Friend do not have facebook?, what the world said ... But if buddy hasn't had a facebook friend not to worry because in the article this time I will give tutorial how to easily list your account FB games where the article how to create a facebook I made as clear as possible for complete with images making it easy PAL to follow his footsteps.

Before I discuss how to create facebook account, there may be some things that my friend need to know with regards to the benefits of facebook itself. Facebook is social media that can connect people around the world with just one account, different from the other, social media with facebook friend can do video calls or videocall i.e. talk to each other face to face talk with opponents directly, but if the dude use support.

With facebook, friend was able to easily search and find friends friend anywhere and anytime, PAL also could make facebook as a means to play games online as many games on line who need a facebook account to be able to login and play, in addition to PAL also could make facebook as a means of personal business, tasty isn't it?, of course, because of the many benefits we can get from facebook.

That's some of the benefits of facebook, so for some people already think that facebook is a necessity, whether it needs to seek profit, needs as a means of communication with fellow facebook users, as well as the need to entertain, then what about PAL?, want to have facebook tooIn addition to facilities such as laptop/pc or hp android and an internet connection, it must be set up to register facebook account is an email, so be sure to sign up for facebook before my friend already have email, but if you don't have email then please create it first by following the instruction in the article how to create a email my battery whore puis before, and if all is ready then just follow the steps the way create facebook list here

How to create facebook account in PC/Laptop

As the first step in signing up for facebook please open and buddy will see the display as below, then fill in all the data needed and click sign up I give the sign

-The first column contents with first name

-The second Column contents by last name

-Then the next column contents with an email address that has never been used before to sign up for facebook

The next Column-fill in the email above

-And lastly fill in the password

Next complete the registration fb by filling out facebook date, month and year of birth, and then select one of the choices of female/male
If all the data in the column is true then the facebook friend registration will in turn to the next page, it looks like the image below

In this section will be on the requested buddy is looking for friends by entering his email friends, but at this stage the PAL can get past it by clicking on the button marked I > because buddy can make friends later

After going through the registration steps facebook last then PAL will in turn to the next page as in the picture below, PAL can directly install poto or clicking a button that I marked to skip >

Once completed it will divert directly to the home page of facebook friend, but a list of the new facebook has not been fully successful because there is another step that should be run

Buddy will see pictures like this, the image is located at the top of the home page of facebook friend

Complete registration of facebook by opening an email by clicking the button i.e. matey I give mark > a link and click the link in the email send to a friend, making FB friend finish it completely.

That's the step step in making or list of facebook, and if facebook is over at create then Buddy will easily find friends, companions, and those people who want to make PAL friend, besides facebook can also be the pageant business, leveraging facebook PAL depending on how it is.

Although in terms of list of facebook account it's free and easy, but the facebook also have rules that must be comply with by users of facebook itself, such as the minimal age limit should be more than 17th, must use a name that can be believed by facebook as well as many more of the other rules, moreover, we can also report a facebook user to facebook if that person is considered detriment we or another party as a provocative post something , post something other or taunting, so my advice is good good use of facebook in order to be beneficial both for ourselves as well as others or send it a fellow facebook users

How to create a list of facebook without email on android

How to create a list of facebook without email on android - take advantage of the mobile number to sign up for email PAL because news excited this time was my friend could register a facebook account with your mobile phone number or email, without very tasty right?, so wait for what else, come sign up for facebook in the android with a mobile number.

Create a facebook account on android with a mobile number is certainly easier and no unnecessary complication because we tried hard to make the email first, simply by leveraging the mobile number only we can already sign up a facebook account. Then how do I sign up for facebook without email on android?, later on I will explain more on the complete with pictures to make it easier on the understand.

The purpose and the reason I made the article on list of facebook account without email on android this is because I strongly believe that the current android user very much and come from all walks of life and age, as we know together that android has a simplicity in all things compared with laptops or tablets, and one of the most obvious ease can be felt is easy to access facebook , but I'm also sure many android users who do not have a facebook account, and for that reason I created the article list of facebook in the way android.

For PAL users of android does not yet have a facebook account and want to create facebook just follow the following step

Before you sign up for facebook in the android device make sure that PAL was already in complete with facebook applications and already connected to the internet network, if all is ready then just open the facebook application, facebook registration on the homepage will look look like the picture below

In this section my friend will see two columns of place enter an email and password, but both of those columns to login and it means that column for that already have a facebook account, facebook and to sign up please click on List to Facebook which is located at the bottom, then comes the look like below

In this section just click OK, go to the next step

To sign up for facebook without email click the "use a cell phone number" and enter the next stage
Enter your mobile phone number is active in kolo that reads "Enter mobile number" then click Continue.

This is the Enter name of facebook, this section is usually the name of the already loaded automatically if the buddy is already have a google account yet, but if playstore filled please enter the name in the available columns and click Continue

Enter the password/Password in the field provided, then click Continue

Click "select Date" will then appear the options, select the appropriate date of birth, then click Continue
Next select a gender. After the above process is completed, PAL will receive a sms to the number inserted PAL

In the sms there will be a link to FB, click those links, then it will automatically sign in to the google chrome browsure and headed to facebook, that process is the verification process, after it goes back into facebook applications like scratch register, enter your mobile number and password in the available columns and click sign in
Complete create of facebook account on android by clicking Continue

The image above indicates that a list of facebook with mobile number is already finished and facebook is ready to use.

Although the list of facebook account with mobile number langkanya more banyakn steps in the appeal list facebook, facebook list but this is simpler because it does not require an email, and I believe the measures I've described above is very easy to follow because it's already in complete with pictures.

 It's just that I can write in the article create of Facebook Without Email at Andrid | How to create a FB With this mobile number. May be useful and thank you for visiting the blog

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