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Saturday, 19 March 2016

How To Open Facebook Forget Password

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Forget password facebook - facebook may already be something unnatural going on among a variety of course cause, Regis gizavo, such as too much have a facebook account, too rarely open facebook, or possibly passwords in use too complex so it is difficult in the recall, so inevitably had to know how to unlock forgot password of facebook, but if the dude wants to make the new facebook please read the tutorial how to list articles on facebook that I have shared earlier of course, the article is very easy to follow in his footsteps because I already complete with pictures.

Many people do not know how to open the forgotten password, facebook already browsing here and there but didn't find an answer finally decided to make a new facebook account, starting over is certainly very tiring, for that I create an article that will make it easier for mate to the FB account unlock forgot password, in which way this time around would be easy because I already understand PAL complete with pictures , so just take a look how to open FB forgot your password here

How to open a Facebook account forgot password

First please click here to login to Facebook, then it will look like the image below
Click Forgot Your Password? and my friend will in turn to the next page, it looks like the image below
Enter the email my friend use to log into your facebook account in the enter your Email here and click search as shown in the picture above, then it will in turn to the next page, it looks like the image below
This section will give PAL two options

Use my Google account
Send me a link to reset your password

The first checkbox as I marked o and click continue and my friend will in turn to the next page, it looks like the image below.

Up at this stage, before the PAL continue on open account facebook friend who forgot password, please email open that PAL PAL use when initial sign up facebook because my friend will receive an email in the form of a code of ferivikasi, and then enter the code in the column # ### # as shown in the picture above and click Continue, then in the switch to the next page as it appears in the image below

At this stage, PAL will be asked to enter the password of the new FB, of course an easy password remembered so as not to forget again, then tick the "Remove me from any other device" and then click Continue and a facebook account buddy now can access more ...

There are a few things to note when creating a password, for more details please refer to the article on tips to make a facebook password already my earlier post, if there are things that if less understood from the explanation how to open facebook forgot password above, PAL can directly ask the comments field that already supplied. Thanks and don't forget to check out the other articles

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